Entrepreneur Power Play Book

“You have big shoes to fill…YOURS.”

As an entrepreneur, you are in a unique position —you not only own the team but you are its quarterback. With such significant responsibilities, you face many daunting issues. Developing and sustaining a business model, properly financing your business, personnel and family problems, staying ahead of the competition and finally either monetizing or passing off the business to the next generation are just a few of your challenges. You face different hurdles depending on the stage of your business. In many cases, one can draw a parallel to a player in any sport. Just as the pressure points are different at each stage, the type of support you need also changes. One thing is always constant; the need for a true partner and trusted objective resource to help you along the way.  Let’s take a look…


Are You a Rookie?

A rookie has a vision about the type of player they want to become and while they are passionate about that vision, it may be difficult to succeed and “make the team.”

High Growth Companiesprimeplayers

Are You a Prime Time Player?

Prime time players face a new set of challenges. Along with improved performance comes increased responsibility to continue to perform well, to help carry the team and most of all, to please “fans.”

Established Companiesmatureplayers

Are You a Veteran Player?

As a player is maturing, they begin to focus on their life after sports. They may consider coaching, perhaps a new business or just plain retirement. These are difficult decisions and are fraught with emotion as one reaches the twilight of their career.

No matter your stage in the game, we are always prepared with the best plays. Reach out for more information on optimizing your player status.


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