More on the Author

Bernie Leone is a consulting partner in WithumSmith+Brown’s New York City office. He is a CPA licensed in NY and NJ and served as Chair of the Business Exit and Succession Planning Committee of the NYCPA Society. After spending over 35 years in leadership positions with the then Entrepreneurial Services group of Ernst & Young, Bernie joined Tatum to run their NY and Philly offices and then ventured out to start his own firm consulting with owners before joining Withum. His passion is dealing with entrepreneurs and their issues, whether their Company is a start up or has been around for decades.

You can usually find Bernie at an accelerator counseling with start up entrepreneurs or in serious conversation with a long time business owner on the next important phase of his or her life. He is a frequent speaker and writer on all things ownership centric and has long preferred reviewing a “pitch” or business plan to reading a novel. He is a fan of music (from Vanilla Ice to Led Zeppelin) and a devotee of Mel Brooks and other comedians ….. going out of his way to work in a related reference (hopefully humorous) to either subject.

Click HERE to view Bernie’s Withum Partner Bio.


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